“I have worked with Cyril Murphy on several shows and have always been in awe of his ability to pull the most beautiful melodies from the ether. It is an almost magical talent but obviously it comes from decades of study, appreciation and of course no little expertise. Whatever questions were asked of Cyril regarding style or mood he was always able to far exceed all expectations in areas as diverse as jazz, choral, blues or comic. I can honestly say that my collection of our collaborative efforts stands among the proudest mementoes of my career.

– Eoin Colfer, author

“I have worked with Cyril on numerous occasions and in varying capacities over the past twelve years. He is a musician of significant versatility who is equally at home in the worlds of liturgical music, recital accompaniment and composition. Most recently, I had the pleasure of working on and performing Cyril’s piece ‘Father and Son’ from his musical Balor. Superbly written, ‘Father and Son’ presents itself as a highly idiomatic and mature composition of musical theatre. Eoin Colfer’s text is extremely well set and it is underpinned by a very strong and tuneful melody which also allows for a wide range of colour and expression. Cyril himself is, of course, a wonderful person and a joy to work with!”

Gavan Ring, tenor

“There are plenty of able songwriters in the business, but it’s the added ingredient of intuition which enables Cyril to deliver and place the perfect melody just where it’s needed. Whether as songsmith or choral composer, Cyril supplies the hook that sets him apart.” 

Liam Bates, composer

“The artist Cyril Murphy conjugates in his compositions the sublime with a wide pallet of feelings that are highlighted in the text of his song; (for example): “Eli, Eli lama shabachtani” – the pain, the love with the divine sacrifice. All these skills are reflecting the comprehensiveness, sensitivity, inspiration, hard-working, magnificent talent of the composer and pianist Cyril Murphy.”

Ioana Constantin Pipelea, soprano